Our Work

  • Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS

    Starting with a list of requirements, QEI designed and currently manufactures the Marine Rescue GPS for Nautilus. This -125m depth rated, emergency use, Marine VHF beacon with DSC & AIS protocols is designed specifically for divers. The MRG has user replaceable batteries, an ON/OFF battery disconnect, and smart-phone user configuration with apps on Google Play and iTunes. QEI developed the design concept, mechanical components, electronics, test systems, wrote product firmware and completed all protocol verification testing. QEI sources all components globally and Dorigo Systems provides world-class SMT placement services with optical inspection. QEI electrically tests and programs the PCBA, assembles the finished unit and ships in master cartons to Nautilus.

  • WebLED28

    PTI needed a really bright light for their industrial automated inspection system. QEI developed and manufactures several versions of a 28 LED CREE XLamp 3A Constant Current Controller to PTI’s unique requirements. The light works remotely with QEI developed camera strobe distribution and lens FIZ controllers.

  • Exo-Suit Junction Can Distribution System

    QEI developed and manufactures the power distribution, lighting and system interconnect for the Nuytco Exo-Suit (the latest generation one man deep water hardsuit).

  • Ocean Floor Imaging System

    Fishers study species health and harvesting impact to determine sustainable catch rates. The QEI designed and manufactured electronics for this deep water camera with self contained lighting, power source, compass, accelerometer, and gyros gives scientists a unique view of the ocean floor.

  • Project B

    QEI has taken over electronic and mechanical maintenance-of-line engineering for this 425’ dive rated VHF radio with GPS receiver.

  • NMT12-Mk2 Thruster Controller

    QEI designed and manufactures a 3kW BLDC Motor controller to fit in a 90mm ID DIA deep water pressure housing.

  • Paper Towel Dispensers

    QEI has developed the low-cost electronics, high volume test systems, and efficient manufacturing process flow for seven automated electronic paper towel dispensers sold to the #2 and #3 largest paper converters in NA. QEI delivered thousands of units per month till our customer was purchased by an out of country rival.

  • Energy Harvesting Indoor Air Freshener

    This indoor bathroom air freshener harvests and stores enough energy from fluorescent lighting to run a motor and processor. QEI developed the electronics, selected the right motor, photocells and started manufacturing.

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